2Can Solo Intercom

“So good, you can almost hear the director thinking…” 

The new 2Can Solo intercom is designed specifically for Video Assist professionals for communicating with the Director at a distance. Exceptional audio performance makes staying in touch easy and comfortable. Operation is intuitive, and setup is very fast. Rugged construction and top notch components assure reliability.

The main station has a program input for monitoring a secondary audio source. Add some music for yourself, or monitor playback audio. (Program audio does NOT go to the remote.) Plug in headphones for privacy and comfort.

A single microphone cable is all that’s needed to send signal and power to the remote station. A selector switch on the remote station selects either “open mic” (push to mute), or push to talk operation.

This excellent communication tool will increase efficiency, reduce stress and truly “up your game”.


  • Exceptional audio fidelity
  • Rugged construction with Hammond die-cast enclosures
  • Bourns potentiometers with ¼’ metal shafts
  • Omron switches
  • Neutrik full size XLRs for power and audio connections


  • Volume controls for Director’s microphone, your reply and program audio.
  • Classic “big red button” for your reply.
  • Full range compact speaker with grille protection.
  • Speaker is automatically muted when ¼” headset is plugged in.
  • Can be positioned upright in cart at ½RU x 2RU, or laying flat beside keyboard.
  • Operates on 12VDC via industry standard 4 pin XLR, reverse polarity protected.
  • Compact AC/DC supply with 4 pin XLR is included.
  • Program audio is line level and balanced.


  • Requires no external power source or 9V battery to operate.
  • Standard 3pin XLR microphone cable connected to the base station provides both audio and power.
  • Switch between two modes : Push-to-Talk (PTT)   or  Push-to-Mute (PTM) 

PTM is the typical setting :  the Director’s mic is always live, but they can press their big red button for privacy, if needed.  
PTT for privacy mode, with the big red button for communication.

Designed and hand-made in Canada, by two guys named Dave & their friends

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